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Withdrawal Rules

  • Withdrawal Rules

1. Withdrawal rules

BTC minimum withdrawal balance: 0.0002 (minimum handling fee 0.0001 + minimum withdrawal amount 0.0001)

BTC Handling fee range: 0.0001~0.001

The handling fee is available for the user to choose. The higher the handling fee, the faster the arrival rate is. The default handling fee is 0.005.

The actual operation is flexible, and it can be packaged on the public chain to distribute the handling fee, or earn the difference of prices by reducing the actual handling fee.

For example

BTC wallet balance 0.0001, can not withdraw cash

BTC wallet balance of 0.0002, 0.0001 can be withdrawn to account, 0.0001 as a handling fee

BTC wallet balance 0.001, can be withdrawn, users can choose up to 0.0009 handling fee, 0.0001 BTC will arrive to account