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What's Boleto?

1. What is Boleto Bancario?
Boleto Bancario is a payment method for Brazilian customers. More information, please read

2. How do I pay with Boleto on DX?

1) Click "Proceed to checkout"

2) Confirm order details

3) Choose Boleto or Transferencia

4) Fill in payment information and click Proceed Payment

5) Boleto will be automatically generated, click print Boleto, and you will be able to pay in the bank, bookkeeper shop, or using your personal Internet Banking.

3.The Boleto payment process

4. How do I request and get a refund after I paid through Boleto?

---Contact us to request payment reversal or store credit.

---DX submits your refund request to Boleto
---You will receive an email from Boleto requesting bank details for the deposit of the refund.
---You will receive the money in approximately 3-10 working days.

5. How many days do I have to make the payment?
You must fulfill the payment within 3 days of placing an order(s) on as described on your Boleto invoice. The payment request will be invalid if there is no payment received from you after 3 days.

6. How long it will take Boleto payment to be confirmed ?

The Boleto payment takes 2 to 3 days to be identified by the bank .You will receive an email notification from Boleto after your order has been confirmed.

7. Will I be charged any other fee when I pay with Boleto?
You will only be charged 0.38% of the purchase price for IOF (The financial operations fee taxed by local government.)

8. Is there any payment limit when using Boleto?
Yes, the Central Bank of Brazil imposes a limit of USD 3,000.00 (Three Thousand Dollars) per month and per person (CPF) when buying from international sites. But there is no minimum limit for purchases through Boleto.

9.How can I cancel a Boleto payment after it has been generated?
The Bank Payment will be canceled automatically after expiration if no payment is made.