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Why cannot I use my coupon?

Sometimes, it looks like no coupons are available. In this case, you can check the following:

1. Is your coupon still valid? You can find out by going to My Coupons.

If the coupon status says Expired or Used, this means that you can’t use the coupon anymore.

2. Are you meeting the minimum spending requirements?
For example, if a coupon is only valid for orders over US $40, but the total order value is only $25, you can’t use the coupon.

3. Have you checked the coupon terms?
Some coupons are only valid on our app/website or can be used for specific items only.

4. Please ensure the currency  of the order meet the currencey of the coupon you want to use.
If the currency of your order is different from the currncy of the coupon, you can't use it when you place an order.