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What are DX Points?

Earning DX Points:
Your own purchases - Points are issued at 10% of the order total. A $19.99 order gets 1.99 points. Points take at least 60 days to activate.

Product reviews - 2 points for each approved picture for each product. 2 points for each approved text review. 3 points for each approved video review. DX Points are rewarded once per review type, per product, per customer. Points are activated after review approval.

Forum posting – if someone finds your post helpful they can Tip Post you DX Points.  Points are activated immediately.


1. DX points are valid for 36 natural months from the month when they are obtained, and will be automatically invalid if customers do not use DX points within the valid period.

2. DX Points can’t be used to pay for part of an item or the entire order, but activated DX points can be exchanged to coupons.